What We Offer All at Friendly Prices.

Feature 1

Software Development

At Ufanisi Africa, We Design and develop Web , Mobile and Desktop Applications that suite your requirements at an affordable price

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Feature 4

Web Designing

We have Good web designers who know how to put together the principles of design to create a site that looks great.

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Feature 2

Networking and CCTV camera installation

At Ufanisi Africa,We do Networking and CCTV camera installations all at Affordable prices

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Feature 3

Computer maintenance and application software

This involves physically cleaning the interior and exterior of the device, including the removal of dust and debris from Computers and also installing new software

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Pricing Plans Our Pricing Rates for Web Development


$ 250

  • 1 month Free Maintenance Service
  • Responsive Website


$ 750

  • 1 year Free Domain
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited databases
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Free Training
  • 6 months Free Maintenance Service
  • Dynamic and responsive Website


$ 500

  • 1 year Free Domain
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited databases
  • 3 months Free Maintenance Service
  • Dynamic and responsive Website


Mobile Apps, Web Applications development prices depend on the Requirement Specification

Recommended Clients Most of our customers recommend us!

"We are happy for this website, now we can receive patients through out the region, it has helped us to be known more important our service to be recognized"

Mkula HospitalHospital Secretary/ Mkula Hospital

"Our school management system has assisted us a lot, nowadays we print financial statement through it, we offer receipts and so on, the best service it has rendered to us is having an ability to send messages to student parents. We keep on understanding it, again we appreciate Ufanisi for the continuous support which have been given to us, especially training and fixing of issues on time, that make us very satisfied.!"

Manager / Nyamanoro Baptist

"The website look so nice, very lively, we appreciate for everything"

Adele Bloggs Director / Print Ug

"At first when Ufanisi sales team approached our school, I had no much idea of what website could do for us, especially on winning us new students, for me I knew through passing well national exams could be the only source of wining new students. After good explanation from them, we decided to take the gamble for a website. Honestly now I have understood how important, I wish I could have one for longtime, we receive calls across the country for admissions procedures, fees and so on, we no longer need to explain much to parents or information seekers, we just direct them to our website, they find everything. Thank you Ufanisi for made our life easier. I am waiting for other 3 three, but one will give it today"

Adele Bloggs Director / Elite Junior Academy

" Ufanisi repaired our terrible computers, they were fully of viruses, we could not save our data, we used to loose valuable and timely gotten data for our project. Before Ufanisi, we had couple of IT firms working for us, but honestly they were not good enough, the problem were not going for so long. Ufanisi came and fixed them up, really now we are working very smoothly, our project is going well."

Adele Bloggs Project Manager / Pamoja Tuwalee, Tabora.

" We were facing many issues especially slow network, slow performance of computers, we appreciate Ufanisi for good service they offered, now things are ok."

Adele BloggsChildren Pastor/ Compassion, AICT Tabora

"I worked with Ufanisi ICT, when I was fixing CCTV cameras at home, they proved well disciplined, hard working and intelligent, first they never wasted materials, unlike many have faced before, what we agreed on budget was exactly they used. Now I am looking forward to award them a better deal for my new Hotel in Mwanza."

Adele BloggsDirector/ Green reef Hotel