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Mar 12



Ufanisi ICT Solutions and Research (U) LTD is seeking a visionary and dynamic individual to join the Marketing and sales team as a Sales and Marketing manager. This critical and innovative full-time position is based in Kampala, Uganda.

- Engages in superior customer service by making information readily available
- Persists in sales even in the face of failure
- Demonstrates products and services as deemed necessary by clients and management
- Schedules appointments and meetings as necessary
- Answers questions from clients
- Makes product knowledge readily available to self and other sales people through various resources
- Finds ways to sell products in the face of a down market
- Researches client base to find new types of customers and sells to them accordingly
- Creates a plan for gaining customers and then retaining them based on warranties or guarantees
- Analyzes and creates a plan for engaging the target market
- Analyzes the competition to create a plan for engagement
- Makes product appeal to the target market
- Trains other sales people in the art of selling
- Makes sure that all salespeople meet quota during a given period
- Sets up booths at trade shows and demonstrates the quality or uses of a product
- Demonstrates superior time management skills and meets sales deadlines

- Superior Written and Verbal Communication Skills both English and Luganda
- Creativity and minimum of 2 years working Experience in the field of marketing and sales
- Basic Computer Literacy and Microsoft Office
- The camdidate should be a female not less than 21 years of age and not more than 26 years old.
- The candidate must have been lived in Kampala for not less than 5 years and is currently living in Kampala.
- The candidate should have academic qualification in marketing related studies (Not less than a degree level).

The annual compensation range for the position is 3 to 6m UGX per year and will depend upon experience, educational background, qualifications and more highly on performance during the work.

Those interested in this position may apply by submitting a letter of interest specifically addressing the qualifications listed in this announcement, a current resume, a complete list of three or more personal and professional references, and the optional affirmative action information request below. Please send all the application materials to: or, we would encourage the candidates to send through the first email. 

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  • Paul

    6m a year is very little money for such a position. This is abuse of the marketing profession and the personal will likely be masquerading to be in Marketing.

  • Paul

    6m a year is very little money for such a position. This is abuse of the marketing profession and the personal will likely be masquerading to be in Marketing.

  • Nanteza hajarah
    Nanteza hajarah

    Self motived,

  • Kobugabe stella
    Kobugabe stella

    I thank you for the opportunity rendered to us I will try my best that is my professional area

  • Rubarema Samuel
    Rubarema Samuel

    Interesting because I have completed my IT diploma course ,fresh graduate and am in a businesses where I deal with people.

  • Nanadudu sarah
    Nanadudu sarah

    Why do u specify the age and also the location this leaves no chance for us up country to get involed.thanks

  • JALULI micheal
    JALULI micheal

    I am in interested in the job. i am good in sales and marketing and I am a man. Would mind considering male applicants as well in basis of gender balance. Please kind advise on this.