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Jan 16



Hello beautiful people,

2017 brings you an enticing opportunity in the corner and you cannot miss this one.

Ufanisi Africa is here once again with you, bringing you the best of IT services you could ever

wish for.

Ufanisi Africa is a company that works to solve IT problems as well as providing adequate IT

Services to its customers in all the regions it has now reached. The different services we offer

Include Advertising and developing websites, mobile applications, networking, CCTV cameras

Installations, computer maintenance and application software at very affordable prices.

Our services are provided by skilled and experienced professionals who ensure that all your

requirements are met to the maximum.

The training services and free installations that we offer to our clients built our reputation and

recorded lots of positive feedbacks from our current customers who affirm significant changes in

advertisements and better management systems of their companies.

We welcome all our prospective clients to come and experience immeasurably awesome services

from Ufanisi Africa. Our goal is to be there for all your requests.

We are humbled to work with you.

Ufanisi Africa for better IT in Africa.



Miss Fortunate Angel

Rwanda Sales/Marketing Manager


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