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Sep 20

who we are?

who we are?

Ufanisi ICT Solutions and Research LTD is a technology oriented business support services firm which offers services within the scope of ICT, Business Development and Media Solutions thereby helping organizations identify and define the strategies, processes, capabilities and metrics required to execute business goals and objectives. We apply our insight and expertise to help an organization achieve its business goals, we provides all IT solutions, we are not just any IT solution company; we focus on creating unique services for our individual customers with a new twist which guarantee maximum quality.

We have a team of well-educated and trained professionals who are willing and able to tackle any challenges presented to them at the shortest time possible keeping in mind production of high quality services.

Our products

  •      Africanner School management system
  •      Africanner Hotel management system
  •      Aficanner Inventory System
  •       Africanner Firm Security System
  •       Africanner Microfinance management System

Ours Services

  •       Web designing and development
  •       Web Hosting
  •       Advertising designing
  •       Computer/Electronics repair and maintenance
  •       Networking and CCTV Camera Installation and Configurations

Africanner School management system: Our School Management System (SMS) is the primary system for efficiently operating schools; complete school management software designed to automate a school's diverse operations from classes, exams to school and events calendar, it has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. It is a paperless office automation solution for today's modern schools. The School Management System provides the facility to carry out all day-to-day activities of the school, making them fast, easy efficient and accurate. It is mostly used by educators and administrators to collect information needed to manage education delivery, improve student achievement, and ensure accountability.



Africanner Hotel management system: The management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting. Hotel Management System aims to automate functions such as; Guest bookings, Guest details, Point of sale, Telephones, Accounts receivable, Sales and marketing, Banquets, Event Management and many more features. Therefore the system comes as a tool to enhance the whole process of Hotel management by offering the following benefits; Less human error, Strength and strain of manual labor can be reduced, High security, Data redundancy can be avoided to some extent, Data consistency, Easy to handle, Easy data updating, Easy record keeping and Backup data can be easily generated.

Aficanner Inventory System (Point of sales): Africaner POS (Point of sales) Software records each sale when it happens. System will make your records are always up to date. Better still, you get much more information about the sales than you could gather with manual system. By running based on this information, you can make better still, you can get much more information about the sale than you could gather with manual system. By running based on this information you can make better decision about ordering and merchandising.

Inventory software programs now on the market let you track usage, calculate when you need to re order, and analyze inventory levels, on an item by item basis. You can even control inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can even control inventory right at the cash register with point of sale (POS) software system.

Africanner Firm Security System: It aims to help companies to monitor their guards without getting distracted from their initial purpose, by ensuring high security level of their initial purpose, by ensuring high security level of their staff (guard and other security officers) and guarantees protection of buildings and asset of the Clients.


Other services

Web designing and development: Your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan and it’s the central hub for your messaging and content in marketing efforts. All other marketing materials should support and drive traffic to your website. As website design and development technology has progressed over the years, you now have more digital marketing tools than ever before.

Our company has good developers which can design you a modern website, we work with you to develop a user experience which delivers value to your audience and customers as well. Web design and development solutions from our company as part of our services are customized to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Web Hosting: We have different plans of hosting services depends on economic power or resource demand of particular web project ie diamond, silver, gold and Tanzanite plan.

Advertising designing: Online advertising is a natural choice for modern businesses. Social media advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, social media advertising proactively targets relevant users before they even begin their search. Social networks are a good option for advertisers because of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices. Social media advertising drive the user to take some measurable action, like buying your product or registering for an event, can actually report on how effective the ad was in driving those conversions as long as you configure it properly.

Computer/Electronics repair and maintenance: Our service identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.

Also we have good service of Electronics Repairs, as the practice of maintaining and repairing electronics equipment and systems which will help you. Instead of throwing away that damaged or broken down electronic device (such as Computer, Tv, and all damaged electronics) you can now get it repaired with Our  Electronics technicians with repair-services, Our services that will make it perform efficiency and make it as good as new again.


Networking and CCTV Camera Installation and Configurations: Closed-circuit Television is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera's input on monitors somewhere.

We install CCTV cameras that will help to monitor sensitive materiel, goods, and assets, as well as vulnerable areas of a facility; it will prevent wrongdoing by company employees or bad people around you. Even if something happens, the recorded video will prevent wrong accusation and lack of trust among all staff.

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